About Us

Indigo's 25+ years in business have been a journey of creative growth for us, always with the goal of discovering a fabulous ever-changing product mix to delight our customers. Indigo began as a tiny business next to Magnolia restaurant on East Bay in the early 1990's and we took it over, transforming it from imports and antiques to a shop that offers eclectic household and personal items, original art and delightful gifts. The only thing that stayed the same is the name, because we love it!

Owners, Beth and Fred, were inspired by creative, inventive people all of their lives and began Indigo as a way to shed their former careers and make the risky move back to the coastal-fun lifestyle of Charleston to raise their kids. Back in those days, business was conducted with an old timey cash register, and handwritten receipts! We soon outgrew that little bitty East Bay space, made some tech advances, and moved into our current location on Vendue Range with the Harbor View Inn as our friendly neighbor.

As our shop has evolved and grown over the years, we continue to scout our community for local artistic talent because we do love the new and nifty ideas to be found in this crazy-amazing city! We feel so very fortunate to represent these gifted people.

Notice our ever-changing displays? We take much care in recycling/up-cycling all of the incoming packaging, rather than filling the recycling bins. (You actually must visit to appreciate this!) And your metal fish or marble coaster will likely be wrapped in some slightly used, slightly crinkled paper. High five yourself, you are saving a tree!

And this is BIG - we feel very fortunate to have some very talented Indigo peeps working with us over the years. We have valued their unique perspectives that have given new, fresh life to Indigo!

About the Indigo girls : mother & daughter, Beth and CoreyAnna Moore.

Indigo Inspirations: the sea, the Blue Ridge Mountains,  all flowers, wild critters and our loving furry family members, shapes and scribbles that “happen” when on the phone.

Indigo happy and meaningful moments for us: When a customer radiates a beautiful smile or a kind word, and we know we’ve shared something positive with them

Favorite things to do together: Laugh uncontrollably at ridiculous things,  bounce display building ideas around over an IPA and a salty treat, scour the art shows and markets for imaginative new ideas, take the boys out on a sailing adventure and rummicube smack-down.

One aspiration we both share: Open up an Indigo shop in a tucked away little town in need of our flavor!