About Fred Moore...

Charleston artist Fred Moore was a budding artist at a very young age. Having been exposed to many mediums while being allowed to tinker in his Grandfather's workshop, Fred grew familiar with wood turning on a lathe, pounding out metal, and welding.

He never lost interest in using these skills, and after a career in engineering, has come back to crafting steel sculptures and artwork for others to enjoy. He draws inspiration from the marine surroundings of his Charleston home on the Isle of Palms, and the creative interests of his family.

His work has evolved over the years from South Carolina themed garden stakes and flags, to include springy bunnies, kitties and frogs, just to name a few. Fred creates pieces mostly from 14-16 gauge raw steel for use in homes and to accent gardens. He often begins the rust process to give a more weathered appearance and to enhance the contours and shapes of a piece.

He frequently uses found objects or scrap steel in his work, helping to reduce waste(this gives him points with his wife!). No two pieces are ever the same, and variations in color and texture add to the overall character of his work.

You can find his work at the delightful shop he and his wife own, Indigo, in the lovely historical district of Charleston, SC on Vendue Range across from the Waterfront Park. He can best be reached through the shop, or if lucky, you might catch a glimpse of him doing what he loves most, sailing in the Charleston Harbor!


Fred in 10 seconds...

  • Fred and his wife Beth own Indigo.

  • Fred's been making stuff since he was little.

  • Fred ditched a career in engineering to make steel sculptures.

  • Fred lives on Isle of Palms and is inspired by the land and sea.

  • Fred uses 14-16 gauge scrap metal then allows it to rust naturally.

  • If Fred isn't in his metal shop, rest assured he's out sailing.

The only thing I love more than sailing is making metal turtles.
— Fred did not say this