Horizontal Pineapple Flag

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Horizontal Pineapple Flag

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Fun Fact:

The first account of the pineapple was given by Christopher Columbus and his men, who landed on the island now known as Guadeloupe on their second voyage of discovery. Columbus brought the succulent fruit back to Europe in 1493. To the Caribbean, the pineapple symbolized hospitality, and the Spaniards soon learned they were welcome if a pineapple was placed by the entrance to a village. The symbolism spread to Europe, then to Colonial North America, where it became the custom to carve the shape of a pineapple into the columns at the entrance of a plantation. This trend has not faded over time. You can see the pineapple throughout the South and in areas along the Eastern Seaboard. Appearing on all sorts of decor - from door knockers to metal signs - the fruit symbolizes those intangible assets we appreciate in a home: warmth, welcome, friendship and hospitality. 

About the Art:

Working with mostly 14-16 gauge raw steel. The flag displays wonderfully both indoor and outdoor. Fred often begins the rust process to give a more weathered appearance and to enhance the contours and shapes of a piece. No two pieces are ever the same, (so yours is one of a kind!), and variations in color and texture add to the overall character of his work. The flag is suitable for use both inside and outdoors. If displayed outdoors, the flag will continue to rust beautifully in the elements; but If you wish to reduce further rusting, we suggest applying a clear mat lacquer which will need to be reapplied over time. This flag comes with a rusted chain and hooks for easy hanging. 

8x12 Flag weighs about 5 pounds

12x18 Flag weighs about 8 pounds

18x24 Flag weighs about 11 pounds

24x36 Flag weighs about 15 pounds

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