South Carolina Stake

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South Carolina Stake

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Flag Fact:

South Carolinians love their flag!  So we put one on a stake! We are so often asked, "why the tree and moon???" Well, here ya go:

The state flag of South Carolina was adopted on January 28, 1861. The crescent symbol represents the silver emblem worn on the caps of South Carolina troops during the revolutionary war, and the background color matches the blue of their uniforms. Crescents were also a component of a banner carried by South Carolina protesters of the Stamp Act in 1776. The flag also features the state tree (sabal palmetto). 

About the Art:

Fred Moore's metal flagstakes are created from heavy raw steel and the rust process is started to give a more weathered appearance. No two pieces are ever the same, (so yours is one of a kind!)  and variations in color and texture add to the overall character of his work. The flag will continue to rust beautifully in the outdoor elements; but If you wish to reduce further rusting, we suggest applying a clear mat lacquer which will need to be reapplied over time. Also, a BONUS: there's a cute lil pineapple atop the stake, symbolizing hospitality!


  • Flag stake height from tip of pineapple to point of stake is about 34 in.

  • Flag itself 8x12 inches

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